March 7, 1906 - February 11, 1991

Last updated November 8, 2016
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November 8, 2016. Henry Pritchett Cotten, great-grand-nephew of Lulita's father Carr Walter Pritchett Jr., wrote a book about the Ancestors of Carr Walter Pritchett Jr., which he has kindly allowed me to put on this web site. See the "Books" tab. It is always fun to hear from Pritchett family!

This web site is dedicated to the memory of Lulita Crawford Pritchett. Her grandparents, James and Margaret Crawford, founded the town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Lulita heard many stories about the pioneering days of Routt County, and turned them into two novels and seven booklets plus several newspaper and journal articles. In addition she wrote poetry and over 60 published short stories.

March 7, 2006 was the 100-year anniversary of Lulita's birth. The Tread of Pioneers Museum, and the Bud Werner Memorial Library, both in Steamboat Springs, had special displays and events during the week of March 6. In conjunction with their celebrations, we put together this web site to contain details of Lulita's life and works. Since the celebration, we have discovered more of her stories and poems, and have updated this site accordingly.

A good place to start touring this site would be to read the 100-year anniversary booklet followed by her poems, letters, stories, and books, and a booklet describing the Pritchett Ranch.

Most of the information on this web site comes from the Crawford family's private collection of Lulita Crawford Pritchett's letters, manuscripts, diaries, and photographs. The Tread of Pioneers Museum in Steamboat Springs has the most extensive collection of her works for sale in its gift shop. The Bud Werner Memorial Library has most of her novels and booklets, plus old copies of the Steamboat Pilot on microfilm. More information on the Crawford Family can be found at the web site Crawford Pioneers of Steamboat Springs.

Photos from Lulita Crawford Pritchett Author, Poet, Historian