Until she died in 1952, Lulita's mother Lulie wrote many family letters sprinkled with a moderate number from Margaret and hardly any from Lulita. In 1952, Margaret increased her letter writing to several each year. She wrote long hand-written chatty letters, talking endlessly about the flowers and the birds and the weather and the food. Lulita still only wrote once every couple years, and then they were short type-written letters with a clear purpose. After Margaret died in 1972 Lulita wrote much more, sometimes writing half a dozen per year. After she retired in 1974 her letters tended to be hand-written, rather than type-written on her company's typewriter. The following letters (unless indicated) are personal letters written by Lulita to her first cousin James D. Crawford (Jimmy to Lulita, Jimmie to Margaret).

Lulita was noteworthy for her writings. But she did draw at least one birthday card for her sister, which is striking in its simplicity:

Photos from John Daniel Crawford in the Great Good Old Days