Changes to Web Site

September 27, 2021:
Books Corrected some typos in Lulita Crawford Pritchett and in The Pritchett Ranch. Also added some newly obtained info on the owners of the Pritchett Ranch in the 1940s and 1950s, and removed older versions of the book.
July 10, 2020:
Books Added Professor C. W. Pritchett and cleaned up.
Stories Added 2 historical articles, "Tilford Stillings" and "Burns Hole".
Links New button at top.
Home Cleaned up including button layout at top.
Guestbook Fixed so it now works again.
November 8, 2016:
Books Added Ancestors of Carr Waller Pritchett Jr.
December 18, 2015:
Poems Added newly discovered poem Logan's Birthday
February 14, 2014:
Home Added February 14 paragraph.
Books Added Lulita's Baby Book
Cards Added Cards tabs button at top
October 12, 2010:
Home Added October 12 paragraph.
Books Added Margaret E. Pritchett's 1917 Diary and 2nd edition of The Pritchett Ranch
January 28, 2010:
Home Added January 28 paragraph.
Corrected link to Tread of Pioneers Museum
Added link to
Modified appearance of the header buttons and page titles
Books Added 1958 version of The Cabin At Medicine Springs and 1939 version of The Shining Mountains
Stories Added "Win Flour Mill Prizes" story
July 21, 2008:
Home Added July 21 paragraph and link to Photo Album
Books Corrected a photograph in Crawford Pioneer Tales that was reversed
Poems Added some notes on awards
Stories Added some notes on awards and some missing stories
Album Added photo album of Pritchetts
February 12, 2008:
Home Added February 12 paragraph
Books Added The Shining Mountains, Cabin at Medicine Springs, Maggie By My Side, and The Diary of Lulie Margie Crawford
December 2, 2007:
Home Added December 2 paragraph
Stories Added about 40 stories in the Western romance category
Books Minor corrections to Gilpin Gold and Pritchett Ranch
March 7, 2007:
Home Added paragraph about 1-year anniversary of web site
Books Added Gilpin Gold
Stories Added 16 more stories in the Western romance category
November 21, 2006:
Home Added paragraph about Thanksgiving
Stories Added link to a letter by Carr Pritchett in "His Thanksgiving" story
July 7, 2006:
Home Minor text changes
Books Lulita Crawford Pritchett - Author, Poet, Historian extensively updated
Added The Pritchett Ranch
Stories Increased number of stories from 12 to 24, and listed them chronologically within each category
Poems Added over 100 poems (originally only 7 poems)
Letters Added Lulita's drawings in "7-11-1920 sketches"

Photos from Lulita Crawford Pritchett Author, Poet, Historian