Here are the nine books written by Lulita. The Shining Mountains and The Cabin at Medicine Springs are Lulita's premier works. They are historical novels that portray the Crawford family from 1873 when they left Missouri through their first 5 years in Steamboat Springs. They are works of fiction, but tell many of the incidences that actually occurred. Her other seven books are true renditions of the Crawford and Pritchett families during their Pioneer years in Steamboat Springs. I have included both the first and second editions of The Shining Mountains and The Cabin at Medicine Springs. The text is the same but each edition has its own set of drawings.

I have also included Lulita's Baby Book, her 1921 diary, Margaret's 1917 diary, a short biography of Lulita, the history of the Pritchett Ranch, and a book about her father's ancestors. Most of the books are available from the Tread of Pioneers Museum store in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The electronic versions found here contain lower quality photographs and are not meant to be printed. These are pdf files that are one to ten MB in size. Click on a book to view the pdf file.

The Steamboat Pilot had a good article on the Pritchett Ranch written September 3, 2019 by Candice Bannister of the Tread of Pioneers Museum.