Of special note are the following four links, which we are posting here as a special 100-year birthday treat. We thank Joseph Cruse for donating this material to the Tread of Pioneers Museum and allowing us to display them here.

Lulita published four poems in The Saturday Evening Post and Good Housekeeping plus several in other magazines and newspapers. She also included nine poems in her 1921 diary (Lulita Crawford Pritchett's 1921 Diary), 92 poems in a notebook she kept from 1915 to 1927, 32 poems in a second notebook she kept from 1927 to 1953, and at least one poem she wrote in a letter (Logan's Birthday). The following is a list of all of her published poems and some of her many unpublished poems that I feel are either particularly good or are about historical topics pertaining to Steamboat Springs and the early pioneers. For example, It Must Come is about James H. Crawford's long dream of the growth of Steamboat Springs. A star after the poem indicates it won an award in the Denver Woman's Club Poetry contest.

Photos from Lulita Crawford Pritchett's 1921 Diary